• Yan Tao

    Executive director

    Mr. Yan Tao is responsible for equity investment and post-investment management in the fields of healthcare, Internet of Things and advanced equipment manufacturing in SGHF. Prior to joining the SGHF, Mr. Yan worked in KPMG as well as the top domestic IB’s equity investment and international business departments. Mr. Yan has participated in a number of domestic equity investment projects, for example: Kings’s Luck (603369), Nader (002706), Hongxin Electronics (300657) and so on. In cross-border investment and acquisitions, Mr. Yan has extensive project experience and successful cases in Europe, North America and Asia and used to serve as a director and supervisor on the board. Mr. Yan holds a master's degree in law from Fudan University, as well as a CPA, CTA and Lawyer qualification certificate.

  • Hu Zhiyu


    Mr. Hu Zhiyu focuses on investment and post-investment management in the biomedicine and healthcare industry in SGHF and has 2 years of investment experience in overseas startups. Prior to joining the SGHF, Mr. Hu worked in Huatai United Securities Investment Bank headquarter and fixed income headquarters, participating in a number of refinancing of listed companies, local government financing platform, M&As and other projects. He has extensive experience in the listed company's corporate strategic planning, brand positioning, financial management, etc. Mr. Hu holds a bachelor's degree in finance and economics from New Hampshire State University.


  • High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)

    The German High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) was established in 2005. Its headquarters is located in Boon and it has public-private-partnerships with the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, KFW Bankengruppe and many other business tycoons. Now HTGF manages about 0.65 billion Euro to provide financial support for Start-ups.

    SGHF cooperates with HTGF to promote a series of private equity fund products to cater to the needs of Chinese local investors based on a good understanding of European capital markets and its own profound views of high-tech industry. It maximizes the value of private equity fund products by combining SGHF’s abundant investing experience and merger with HTGF’s rich local resources and strong government relationships in Germany and the European Union.

  • DFKI

    The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence was founded in 1988 as a non-profit public-private partnership. It has research facilities in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken and Bremen, a project office in Berlin, and branch offices in Osnabrück and St. Wendel. In the field of innovative commercial software technology using Artificial Intelligence, DFKI is the leading research center in Germany. In order to satisfy the needs of Chinese robotics and AI technology development, DFKI have cooperated with SGHF, the strategic partner in China. SGHF will assist DFKI to promote the founding Chinese Institute for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (CIRAI). The founding of CIRAI would play a key role in enabling robotics and AI technology development in China for the near future.

    Based on application oriented basic research, DFKI develops product functions, prototypes and patentable solutions in the field of information and communication technology. Research and development projects are conducted in eighteen research departments and research groups, eight competence centers and seven living labs. Apart from the state governments of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Bremen, numerous renowned German and international high-tech companies from a wide range of industrial sectors are represented on the DFKI supervisory board.