Personal MedSystems GmbH gains Dutch lead investor KPN Ventures and concludes series B financing round consortium with total volume of 5 million EUR

Personal MedSystems GmbH, founded in 2008 by Dr. Markus Riemenschneider and Felix Brand, is better known under its brand CardioSecur® located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It offers mHealth services and products for people with cardiac symptoms and is building a unique smart data platform for predictive values; the company is receiving growth financing from a consortium formed around the Dutch lead investor KPN Ventures comprising new investors Sino-German High-Tech Fund and the NRW-Bank. Existing shareholders in the company Seventure Partners and HTGF followed in the round. The capital will be used for sales growth and continued innovation on its technology and data platform.


In industrialized countries some 200 million people suffer from recurring heart symptoms. The intensity and frequency of occurrence of such symptoms are not conclusive of the risks involved. The event may entail life-threatening myocardial infarction and stroke-threateningatrial fibrillation with only slight sensations, but also harmless extra beats with shockingly noticeable symptoms. Rapidly required action on one hand and unclear symptoms on the other hand present patients with a dilemma. As a result professional help is usually contacted too late. Only 11% of all infarction patients receive their intervention on time. People with cardiac symptoms need a reliable trigger to act in order to gain certainty.


Currently CardioSecur® offers an instant cardiac monitoring service for private use. It is a smartphone based, personalized ECG device of highest clinical grade quality (15-lead ECG)."CardioSecur is worldwide the only technology giving an instant feedback on heart symptoms when and wherever they occur,"says Dr. Markus Riemenschneider, Managing Director. In the app the user receives in less than a minute a recommendation on what to do next and may optionally share the profound ECG data with his personal physician for further use. CardioSecur® gives peace of mind to users, minimizes the seriousness of cardiac events and allows effective chronic disease management. Its exceptional ease of use and profoundness of data allow CardioSecur to build a smart data pool for predicting critical cardiac events.

"The Series B financing and the strategic leverage points of our new investors will accelerate our market penetration for high-quality cardiac services further and strengthen our pioneering position within mHealth,"says Felix Brand, Managing Director. "Broad availability of CardioSecur’s profound ECG service grows our smart data platform ever lager day by day which is the basis for generating predictive values for serious cardiac events in the future and will help reduce health care cost to society."

Herman Kienhuis, managing director of KPN Ventures, says: "We see great potential for digital and mobile technologies to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing the cost. Personal MedSystems has developed such an innovation bringing great value to people suffering from heart problems and to cardiologists. In addition to financially supporting its growth, KPN will help Personal MedSystems in bringing CardioSecur® to the Dutch market as well"

"We are impressed by the innovative and professional services and products provided by Personal MedSystems GmbH. Its expertise in instant cardiac monitoring service and creative spirits have enabled it to deliver great value in mHealth industry," says Alex Liu, Managing Director of Sino-German High-Tech Fund. "We look forward to working with the experienced management team to help scale new heights and contribute to public health."