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Sino-German High-Tech Fund ("SGHF")

Sino-German High-Tech Fund ("SGHF") is a cross-border investment fund focusing on strategic areas such as Industry 4.0, especially Internet of Things, healthcare and clean technologies. The establishment of SGHF is supported by the governments of China and Germany and the Fund has established long-term strategic cooperation with the High-Tech Gründerfonds.

Team and partners



The world’s leading supplier of smart mobility and wireless technology solutions 


Shaping the future of drug discovery & development 


World leader for interpreting DNA, genetic traits, and environmental data in fit 

Fiagon AG

Navigation system on the spot with revolutionary image guidance technology 

Personal MedSystems

Professional mobile ECG reader cares about your heart health at any time 

Targeting Health

The pioneer of the precision medical treatment. 


Professional domestic supplier of innovative medical products and services. 


The future is light: organic solar film by Heliatek.